China Professional 200kg Lifting Height Double Masts CHINAMFG Aerial Work Lift Table Man Lift Table China Factory Price (GTWY-S) vacuum pump ac

Product Description

Giant Lift CHINAMFG Mast Aerial Work Platform(GTWY-S)

Product Description

Alum. Mast Aerial Work Platform are suitable for factories, construction sites, hotels, airports, railway stations. It can be used for equipment installation, maintenance and sanitation, gymnasiums and other tall buildings, field power Facilities, overhead pipes, lifting machinery maintenance, etc… Aerial work platform is to protect work safety, improve thework efficiency. Keep aerial work safe, convenient and fast.

GTWY: Single(1) Mast 
GTWY-S: Double(2) Mast
GTWY-T: Triple(3) Mast
GTWY-FT: Quadruple(4) Mast

  1. Easy to operate: Move platformup or down while standing on the ground or on the platform.
  2. Double chains: Extra layer of safety and stability
  3. Adjustable support leg: Angle adjustable support leg, fit the best angle to support your work
  4. PU wheels: Leaves no mark on the ground
  5. Frame: Special designed Frame is made by high strength Aviation CHINAMFG which lowers the dead weight and increases the flexibility, can be easily operated by 1 person.
  6. Guardrail: Strong Guardrail ensures the safety
  7. Power: DC or AC optional power support to fit different workenvironment
  8. Emergency Descend: To ensure operator’s safety. The Platform can still be lowered manually without power support.

Product Parameters

Series Model Max.Platform height Max.Platform working height Loading Capacity Platform
Voltage DC Power Motor Rating Weight LxWxH
(mm) (mm) (kg) (mm) (V/hz/F)   (V/kw) (kg) (mm)
Single mast aerial GTWY4-150 4000 5700 150 640*580 AC220/50HZ 24V 0.75 200 1180*750*1980
GTWY6-150 6000 7700 150 640*580 AC220/50HZ 24V 0.75 265 1280*800*1980
GTWY8-150 8000 9700 150 640*580 AC220/50HZ 24V 0.75 295 1280*800*1980
GTWY9-125 9000 10700 125 640*580 AC220/50HZ 24V 0.75 315 1360*850*1980
Double mast aerial GTWY6-200S 6000 7700 200-300 1100*600 AC220/50HZ 24V 1.1 400 1300*890*1980
GTWY8-200S 8000 9700 200-300 1160*600 AC220/50HZ 24V 1.1 470 1360*850*1980
GTWY10-200S 10000 11700 200-300 1320*600 AC220/50HZ 24V 1.1 540 1540*900*1980
GTWY12-200S 12000 13700 200 1420*600 AC220/50HZ 24V 1.1 640 1660*970*1980
GTWY14-200S 14000 15700 200 1420*600 AC220/50HZ 24V 1.1 750 1660*1100*2380
Three mast aerial GTWY10-320 10000 11700 300 1560*800 AC220/50HZ 24V 1.5 800 1800*1250*2050
GTWY12-320 12000 13700 300 1560*800 AC220/50HZ 24V 1.5 900 2000*1250*2050
GTWY14-320 14000 15700 300 1560*800 AC220/50HZ 24V 1.5 1000 2000*1250*2450
GTWY16-320 16000 17700 250 1560*800 AC220/50HZ 24V 1.5 1300 2200*1250*2450
GTWY16-400 16000 17700 200 1600*800 AC220/50HZ 24V 2.2 2000 3400*1400*2300
GTWY18-400 18000 19700 200 1600*800 AC220/50HZ 24V 2.2 2200 3900*1450*2300
GTWY20-400 20000 21700 200 1600*800 AC220/50HZ 24V 2.2 2350 3900*1450*2300
GTWY22-400 22000 23700 150 1600*800 AC220/50HZ 24V 2.2 2500 4300*1450*2400

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Q1: Are you a factory or a trading company?

A1:We are a combination of both, we focused on manufacturing material handling product such as lift tables, manual & electric pallet trucks and lifting platforms over 35 years, we also exporting manual & electric chain hoist, lever hoisting, lifting clamp and steel jack. We are your ideal choice for 1 stop purchase with our compete line of industrial lifting/moving equipment
Q2: Can Giant lift provide customized products? OEM products or ODM products?
A2: Yes, Giant lift can provide customized products according to your requirement. Both OEM and ODM are acceptable.

Q3: Can we print the LOGO on products?
A3: Yes, the OEM is available with the permission of our customers.

Q4: How do you control your quality?
A4: 1. We only select high-quality steel material from famous steel group
2. Standardized production process with traceable ID Card, every part can be tracked to the original records.
3. 100% finished product testing before shipping.
4. We accept third party product inspections.
5. ISO9001 Quality management system certificated factory
6. Supervised container loading process, ensures the last step security

Q5: How long is the warranty on your products?
A5: We provide 12 months warranty for all of our product, excluding wear parts such as wheels, tire or hydraulic oil
Q6: What’s the lead time for production?
A6: Usually around 10-15 days after payment received, around 30 days during new year’s or national holidays.

Q7: What Payment terms do you accept?
A7: T/T or L/C, if you want any other method please contact sales

Q8: What are your advantages compared to the others?

  1. Unique products, with customized service.
  2. Timely production and delivery, time is money.
  3. Market protection service, long term business strategy.


Warranty: 1 Year
Application: Workshop Crane, Warehouse Crane, Building Crane
Lift Mechanism: Telescoping Lift
Carrying Capacity: Light Level
Moves: Moving
Driven Type: AC/DC
US$ 2600/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)




oudoor furniture

How do aluminum tables contribute to the aesthetics of outdoor dining areas?

Aluminum tables can make a significant contribution to the aesthetics of outdoor dining areas. Here is a detailed explanation:

1. Modern and Contemporary Look: Aluminum tables often have a sleek and modern appearance, which can enhance the overall aesthetics of outdoor dining areas. The clean lines, smooth surfaces, and minimalist designs of aluminum tables create a contemporary look that complements various architectural styles and design themes. Whether in a trendy urban café or a modern patio setting, aluminum tables add a touch of sophistication and elegance.

2. Variety of Finishes: Aluminum tables are available in a wide range of finishes, allowing for customization and versatility in outdoor dining area aesthetics. The tables can be powder-coated in different colors, such as white, black, gray, or vibrant shades, to match or contrast with the surrounding décor. Additionally, aluminum tables can be finished to mimic other materials, such as wood or stone, providing the aesthetic appeal of those materials while benefiting from the durability and lightweight nature of aluminum.

3. Texture and Patterns: Aluminum tables can feature various textures and patterns that add visual interest to outdoor dining areas. Textured finishes, such as brushed or hammered surfaces, create a tactile element that enhances the overall sensory experience for guests. Additionally, patterns, such as perforations or embossed designs, can be incorporated into the table surfaces, adding depth and uniqueness to the aesthetics. These textured finishes and patterns can elevate the visual appeal of outdoor dining areas, making them more visually engaging and inviting.

4. Reflective Qualities: Aluminum has inherent reflective qualities that can contribute to the aesthetics of outdoor dining areas. The smooth and polished surfaces of aluminum tables can reflect light, whether it’s natural sunlight or artificial lighting, creating a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere. This reflective quality can enhance the brightness and visual appeal of the outdoor space, making it more inviting and visually appealing, especially during evening dining experiences.

5. Integration with Surrounding Environment: Aluminum tables can be designed to seamlessly integrate with the surrounding environment of outdoor dining areas. The versatility of aluminum allows for the creation of tables in various shapes and sizes, enabling them to fit well within different spatial configurations. Whether placed in a lush garden setting, on a rooftop terrace, or by the beach, aluminum tables can be customized to harmonize with the natural surroundings or architectural elements, creating a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing outdoor dining experience.

6. Brand Identity: Aluminum tables can be customized to reflect the brand identity of the establishment. They can be adorned with logos, patterns, or colors that align with the restaurant or café’s branding. Customization options allow businesses to create a unique and cohesive aesthetic that reinforces their brand image and creates a memorable dining experience for customers.

7. Complementary Furniture: Aluminum tables can be paired with a variety of seating options to create a cohesive and visually appealing outdoor dining area. Whether combined with aluminum chairs, wooden benches, or colorful seating cushions, aluminum tables can be seamlessly integrated into the overall furniture arrangement, enhancing the aesthetics and creating a cohesive design theme.

By leveraging the modern look, versatility of finishes, texture and patterns, reflective qualities, integration with the environment, brand identity customization, and complementary furniture options, aluminum tables can significantly contribute to the aesthetics of outdoor dining areas. Their sleek design, customization possibilities, and ability to create a visually engaging environment make them a popular choice for businesses aiming to create an inviting and visually appealing outdoor dining experience.

oudoor furniture

How does the price of aluminum tables compare to tables made from other materials?

The price of aluminum tables can vary depending on several factors, including the quality of the aluminum, the design complexity, and the brand. Here is a detailed explanation of how the price of aluminum tables compares to tables made from other materials:

1. Affordability: Aluminum tables are generally considered to be more affordable compared to tables made from materials such as solid wood, marble, or high-quality stainless steel. Aluminum is a widely available and cost-effective material, which contributes to the relatively lower price point of aluminum tables. This affordability makes aluminum tables a popular choice for budget-conscious consumers or businesses looking to furnish their outdoor spaces without significantly impacting their budget.

2. Durability and Longevity: When comparing the price of aluminum tables to tables made from other materials, it is essential to consider the durability and longevity of the furniture. Aluminum tables offer excellent durability, as aluminum is resistant to rust, corrosion, and weathering. They can withstand outdoor elements and require minimal maintenance. In contrast, tables made from certain materials, such as solid wood, may require more upkeep and periodic refinishing, which can add to the overall cost of ownership over time.

3. Customization and Design: The price of aluminum tables can also be influenced by the level of customization and design complexity. Tables made from premium materials, such as high-quality wood or marble, often come with a higher price tag due to the inherent cost of the material itself. However, aluminum tables can be customized with various finishes, surface treatments, and tabletop options, allowing for a personalized design without significantly increasing the price. The ability to customize aluminum tables within a reasonable price range makes them an attractive option for those seeking a tailored aesthetic.

4. Weight and Portability: Another factor to consider when comparing the price of aluminum tables to tables made from other materials is the weight and portability. Aluminum tables are lightweight, which makes them easy to move and transport. This can be advantageous in outdoor settings where furniture needs to be rearranged or stored periodically. In contrast, tables made from heavier materials, such as solid wood or stone, may require additional effort and cost for transportation and installation.

5. Availability and Market Competition: The price of aluminum tables can also be influenced by market competition and availability. Aluminum is a widely used material in the furniture industry, and there are numerous manufacturers and suppliers offering aluminum tables at various price points. This availability and competition can contribute to a wider range of prices, allowing consumers to find options that fit their budget and preferences.

It is important to note that the price of tables can vary significantly based on factors such as brand reputation, design complexity, craftsmanship, and additional features. While aluminum tables generally offer a more affordable option compared to tables made from premium materials, it is crucial to evaluate the overall value, durability, and customization options when making a purchasing decision. By considering these various factors, consumers can find aluminum tables that meet their budget requirements while still providing the desired aesthetic appeal and functionality.

oudoor furniture

Can aluminum tables withstand exposure to the elements in outdoor spaces?

Yes, aluminum tables are well-suited to withstand exposure to the elements in outdoor spaces. Here is a detailed explanation:

1. Corrosion Resistance: One of the key advantages of aluminum tables is their excellent corrosion resistance. Aluminum naturally forms a protective oxide layer on its surface, which helps prevent rust and corrosion. This oxide layer acts as a barrier, shielding the underlying aluminum from moisture, rain, and other environmental factors. As a result, aluminum tables can withstand exposure to rain, humidity, and other outdoor elements without deteriorating or rusting.

2. Weather Resistance: Aluminum tables are designed to be weather-resistant. They can withstand a wide range of weather conditions, including sunlight, heat, cold, and temperature variations. Unlike some other materials that may warp, crack, or fade when exposed to extreme temperatures or sunlight, aluminum maintains its structural integrity and appearance over time. This makes aluminum tables suitable for use in various climates and outdoor environments.

3. UV Stability: Aluminum has good UV stability, meaning it can resist the harmful effects of ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun. UV rays can cause fading, discoloration, and degradation of materials over time. However, aluminum tables are less susceptible to UV damage, allowing them to retain their color and overall appearance even with prolonged exposure to sunlight. This makes them a durable choice for outdoor spaces where they may be exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods.

4. Non-Reactivity: Aluminum is a non-reactive material, which means it does not easily react or interact with other substances or chemicals in the environment. This property is beneficial for outdoor tables, as they may come into contact with various substances such as water, cleaning agents, food, or beverages. Aluminum tables do not corrode or stain when exposed to these substances, making them easy to clean and maintain in outdoor settings.

5. Low Maintenance: Aluminum tables require minimal maintenance when used in outdoor spaces. Unlike materials like wood, which may need regular sealing or staining to protect them from the elements, aluminum tables typically only require basic cleaning to remove dirt or debris. The inherent durability and resistance of aluminum make it a low-maintenance option for outdoor furniture.

6. Longevity: Aluminum tables have a long lifespan when properly cared for. With their resistance to corrosion, weather, and UV damage, aluminum tables can maintain their functionality and appearance for many years. This durability and longevity make them a cost-effective investment for outdoor spaces, as they can withstand the rigors of outdoor use and provide long-lasting performance.

It’s important to note that while aluminum tables are highly resistant to the elements, their overall durability can also depend on factors such as the quality of construction, finishes, and maintenance practices. It is advisable to follow manufacturer guidelines for care and maintenance to maximize the lifespan and performance of aluminum tables in outdoor spaces.

In summary, aluminum tables are well-equipped to withstand exposure to the elements in outdoor spaces. Their corrosion resistance, weather resistance, UV stability, non-reactivity, low maintenance requirements, and longevity make them a reliable and durable choice for outdoor furniture.

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